The Beardly Man

The Beardly Man's Beard Comb


More Finesse, Less Catch and Pull!

Stay fresh and groomed wherever you go with this handy anti-static solid comb, made for easy beard combing and continuous shine with less hassle!

Perfect for dispersing the beard with oil, this comb is smooth and purposefully crafted for the face, even reaching peach fuzz. The fine-tooth finish wafts through any thickness size of beard hair effortlessly to give a neat look with no snags or tangles!

This simple and handy man-sized comb gets the job done perfectly in a classic and practical style.  Stay top-notch always!

  • Styles and Shapes with No Snags
  • Softens and Detangles the Beard into Free Strands
  • Wooden Portable Pocket-Sized Companion
  • Perfect for Dispersing The Beardly Man’s Beard Oil Through Your Beard

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