Don't Give Up On A Patchy Beard

Beard Patch...

I’ve seen and spoken with so many guys who think they have a “patchy beard” decided to give up on their beard before ever giving it a chance. DON'T GIVE UP!

Now I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, expecting your beard to grow in thick and full after only a few weeks is unrealistic. There are some guys out there that are the exception to the rule. They shave in the morning and look like Chuck Norris or James Harden by dinner. But honestly, the majority of us start out pretty patchy, The Beardly Man included. In fact, at one point in my journey to becoming The Beardly Man, I only had a chin strap (don’t judge) because it just wouldn’t fill in where I needed it to.

So just understand that your beard is going to take some time to fully develop. Thinner or patchier spots will tend to fill in or cover over time as the beard gets longer.

Here are 4 factors that play into having a patchy beard. #3 might be the answer you’re looking for.

1. Personal hygiene and health are key factors in growing a beard. Your skin produces oil called sebum which is the main nutrient to your facial follicles. The healthier the skin, the more it produces. This is why The Beardly Man recommends a good face wash and beard wash to keep your beard and the skin underneath it healthy and clean.

2. Age is another important factor. Just like a fine bottle of scotch, beards typically get better with age, filling in and growing thicker as time goes on. So don’t get too discouraged if you’re 19 and can’t grow a behemoth beard just yet.

3. If you’ve given it plenty of time to grow and are at an age that your beard should be fully developed, there are some things you can do to help maximize your coverage. From the very beginning make sure you are using oil, balm, a beard brush and/or comb to keep the hair and skin healthy as well as start training the hair to grow in the desired direction so it covers over nicely with length. It is important to make sure you keep certain areas tidy to give it a fuller appearance. For instance, if I let my cheek lines grow too high on my face; my beard will start to look thin and patchy. Once brought down, my beard looks much fuller.

4. Last and certainly not least is DNA. Some guys just won’t be able to grow a beard no matter what. Guess what? That’s okay. If you can only grow a mustache or goatee then do so with pride! Being beardly doesn’t always mean you have a mammoth beard. Work with what you have.

Remember, what may seem like a patchy beard to you, may be another man’s dream beard.